Our workshops structure

Our workshops begin with a short session of interactive warm-up Art.

Storytellers will be given a small amount of cinema history to digest, followed by a screening of several early short films and they will be advised of the 10 main rules necessary to tell a great story.

Depending on the session (private/group/online etc) Storytellers will either be offered a choice of existing classic stories to re-create (such as the examples in the video below showcasing a private session), or in the group introductory sessions they will be given a variety of simple original scenarios to work on and they will be guided throughout the process.

There will be a cooling off Art session active and Films will be edited on site and screened for the whole panel, silent and black/white - just like the old films they were shown.

Please note: During the introductory session smart-phones will be used to shoot the films. 

Story and image composition are the key focuses here - more so than the technology used.

During our intensive courses, DSLRs will be used and the quality of outcomes will significantly increase.

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